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This page is dedicated to those planners, motorists and other interested parties who do their very best to make life interesting and challenging for the cyclists of King's Lynn and the surrounding area. It's not all bad news on the cycle facilities front and it good to see that some items have a happy conclusion. Send in your pictures to KLWNBUG along with any description you might like to appear alongside your picture. If you are unable to supply a scanned or digital photo then let us know the location.

Larger versions of the pictures may be available

Cycle Facilities for Students and Staff at The College of West Norfolk

Comment and picture soon

Typical cycle facilities Typical cycle facilities
Cycle Facilities for Out Patients and Visitors

Facilities lacking for hospital visitors and out patients
First of all it should be pointed out that the Q.E. Hospital have installed an excellent cycle compound for staff to use, access is by card-swipe and the compound is covered and reasonably well light. Good encouragement for staff to use alternative methods of transport.
However out-patients, visitors and anyone else calling at the hospital by bicycle (or indeed any HPV*) has to make do with any available lamppost, sign or whatever may be available. This can cause problems for other users of the pavements, looks untidy and gives a general bad impression.
Do something QEH!
It appears according to rumour control that there is a bike rack at the left-hand end of the building. This rack may be available for public use and to make it more secure perhaps someone has decided that signing isn't necessary.

* HPV = Human powered vehicle.

Typical cycle facilities
All too familiar 'cycle racks'

Cycle rack out of date thinking
Sadly many peoples idea of a good cycle rack is little better than an over sized toast rack which in these days of aluminium wheels and quick release is virtually useless. The rack shown is located at a local electronics manufacturer. The management have been shown what a good rack looks like.

Cycle path exit
A junction to be wary of

A junction to be wary off
Traveling in the direction of Knights Hill from Kings Lynn the 'cycle path' (read white line on pavement) ends for the traveler going up the hill, who then has to cross this busy road. Note how the path heads at 45 degrees for a 40mph (if you're lucky) road just at the exit from a busy supermarket. Locate using Streetmap

New barriers
The new barriers

The new barriers - Some Good News
After a 3-year campaign by KLWNBUG, the impassible anti-motor cycle barriers on the use Bank path are now being replaced with a more intelligent design, although Sustrans, (who part-funded the path), believes that higher use by legitimate users will deter most of the motorcyclists. Locate using Streemap

Barriers near Gayton Rd. Cemetery
Barriers near Gayton Rd. Cemetery

Are you unsure of your bike handling?
If so then this facility may be just what you need to help you hone your skills. Who will be first to succeed in getting past this item without dismounting, entries please on the back of a 5 note to KLWNBUG. Locate using Streemap

Swimming pool junction
Cyclists Dismount
Cycling Farcilities: Norfolk's Bad Sign Habit
(Thanks to M J Ray for submitting the photo and text which is also on his website. Click here ). Despite the generally good network and the adverts for "King's Lynn - a cyclist's dream", there are a few problems with town cycleways. Norfolk County Council are a bit too keen on two signs: "Cyclists Dismount" and "End of Route". Sadly, it's common to find these half-way along cycleways and at other plainly absurd locations, causing confusion and disrespect for them when they are used well. Here's one from the crossroads by St James Swimming Pool: In this pic, the cycleway runs in front of the wall from right to left, round the pillar at the end, crosses the roads in two parts and joins a cycle lane in Blackfriars Street straight ahead. The three traffic lights nearest the centre of this view are cycle-shaped and you might spot the cycle lane sign up the lamp post on the right. But, behold! What's that above the pillar? Why, it's a "Cyclists Dismount"! No cycling across at the cycle lights, OK? Surely a farcility. Locate using Streemap

Shortest path section in Hunstanton?
Shortest path section in Hunstanton?

The shortest path in Hunstanton (probably)
Our good friends at the local bike shop in Hunstanton (Fat Birds Don't Fly)suggested this one which they reckon at 6 feet (2 metres). It is just down the road from the shop. Perhaps we could have another competition but this time for the shortest cycle path section in all of West Norfolk. Get those cameras and tape measures out.
Locate using Streemap

A Mystery Tour on Route1
A Mystery Tour

A Mystery Tour on Route1
This interesting feature is near the main road between King's Lynn and Sandringham. Most of us would be forgiven for thinking that we should follow the blue line on the picture. Not so! Nothing that boring in these parts, to keep life interesting the red route is the way.
Locate with Streemap

A Cyclist passing the gate
The new gates
View from The Walks
A demonstration A good job done
What may not see until it's too late when coming out of the Walks
A good job done
Good news! It has been fixed and in good time - Thanks

Extons Rd. to Walks Gate
A brand new gate has appeared at the entrance to the Walks from Extons Road at the back of the football ground. Unfortunately there appears to be a no-mans-land section between the road edge and the kerb. This forms a near perfect wheel-trap of about 50mm square right in the path of any cyclist daring to use the gateway.
Locate with Streemap

View from The South Gates Roundabout
A local taxi

South Gates Roundabout Path
There was I passing the South Gates Roundabout on the new(ish) dual use cycle/footpath when (in the top photo) I spied a local taxi parked securely on the path!
On closer examination I realised that the driver had obviously noticed that an innocent cyclist could easily run into the pole almost half way across the path, and had parked his vehicle so as to prevent such an occurrence. Nice that!
Locate with Streemap

alt text

Very light these trikes
It would be nice to say here that these trikes are so light they have to be held down. Sadly no, the truth is that this is a good demonstration of the problems that can be caused by barriers.

Cyclists Dismount